Guaranteed to lose the pounds and inches just melt away


I’m not a certified fitness instructor or Dietitian!

I’m hungry, staring into the open fridge; nothing jumps out at me. Frustrated, I close the fridge door. I hear footsteps behind me. I feel a warm breath on the back of…

My choice? Live with it or lose my house — I chose the house

I stepped up into the van to buckle my daughter in her car seat when I felt his warm body envelop me and hands caress me as his arms held me in place. It was late Fall, and thankfully, I was wearing a heavy coat.

We had hit hard times…

He made money off my dates, and I didn’t even know it!

I was a virgin in those days; I was sixteen. My figure stopped traffic, well, the horny men driving the lorries anyway!

You see, I hadn’t yet grown into my 38DDD boobs! I did feel sexy sometimes, but other days I felt awkward when men didn’t look me in the…


I’m real, true to myself, no pretence, just trying to survive my complicated life!! Please be kind! I do hope that I entertain you with some of my stories.

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