My Book — “I Was Red_Delicious On Ashley Madison” is free on Amazon!

My book is free for the next 5 days on Amazon!



Allo dear readers!

My book, “I Was Red_Delicious on Ashley Madison,” is now available for FREE on Amazon for the next 5 days!

Writing this book was my sanctuary. It was a journey of confronting my fears, embracing my desires, and finding relief in my words. Writing my story has been therapeutic, a way to connect with others and a testament to the healing power of storytelling.

It is a roller coaster of emotions, unexpected turns, and a peek into my crazy life and the world of adultery.

Download it now on Amazon and join me on this incredible journey. Remember, it’s free for the next 5 days!

Lessons to be learnt from the book —

• Embrace life’s unpredictability and find joy in its little moments.

• Age should never be a barrier to feeling desired or pursuing happiness.

• Writing is a powerful tool for self-discovery and emotional healing.

My book is more than just my story; it’s about embracing life and finding the strength to push through the madness.

Remember, it’s free for the next 5 days!

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I’m real, true to myself, no pretence, just trying to survive my complicated life!! Please be kind! I do hope that I entertain you with some of my stories.